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Cyprus is the only country in Europe offering immediate citizenship through investment in real estate. It is by far the quickest route taking just 6 months to obtain an EU passport. Know more about Cyprus citizenship and permanent residency

On our Real Estate website, you will find luxury villas, stunning investment buildings, gorgeous houses and modern apartments in Cyprus. With so many incredible opportunities of luxury villas properties for sale in Cyprus, now is an ideal time to find your dream house, luxury holiday home or invest in incredible real estate opportunities of timeless value.

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Luxury Villas in Cyprus

With a variety of luxury villas in Cyprus for sale – a nature island with untouched natural beauty, real estate buyers like you will find exactly what they are looking for. With a wide array of unique real estate property options to suit individual needs and preferences, property for sale in Cyprus include stunning beachfront villas, beautiful countryside houses, and exquisite investment buildings; so if you are looking to buy a house in Cyprus and get residency, a luxury holiday home for carefree vacations or to secure a permanent residence permit visa or the Cyprus passport, this is where you will find luxury villas in Cyprus for sale.

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Luxury Property for Sale in Limassol

Limassol is the second largest city in Cyprus, located on the southern coast and is considered a cosmopolitan and historical city, widely known for its timeless real estate investment value. Combining a tranquil island mentality with the reputation of the party and business capital of Cyprus, there is something for everyone; from the beautiful vineyard routes to the Cyprus rally, from mountain hiking to water sports, from visiting ancient historical sites to enjoying the nightlife that this coastal city has to offer.

Luxury properties for sale in Limassol include the beautiful beachfront houses, luxury seafront apartments, properties with sea view and breathtaking villas that create unique choices for any selective individuals looking to buy prime property in Limassol.

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